Home Office

When the office is just at the end of the garden

Garden offices and garden rooms

Home offices don’t have to be drab, dingy and cramped. There’s always room at the bottom of the garden

With more of us now working from home (3.5million according to TUC figures), it’s becoming increasingly important to add a smart, efficient workspace to our properties. No longer is it sufficient to use a corner of the living room. Anyone who works at a professional level needs a dedicated office. And if there isn’t a suitable room within the home, then why not create one outside?

Bespoke garden rooms

At Extra Rooms we build all our garden rooms ourselves from scratch. As a result you can have any shape, size or configuration you want – it’s all about what suits you and your garden and at no extra cost.

For example: if you want your garden building to be extra-green we can build it with a sedum roof and sheep’s wool insulation. Or, if you plan to use your garden room as a gym we can install bespoke wiring and electrical sockets to accommodate gym, audio and visual equipment.

Our clients spend a lot of time in their garden buildings and therefore it’s imperative that our attention to detail and quality of service ensures a great experience for years to come.

Why not contact us now to see what we can do for you?

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